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  1. Stick Fit Extenda Fendas

    No holes to drill

    No unsightly screw/rivet heads

    Clean smooth finish

    Fitted in minutes




    50 of the most popular Extenda Fendas are now available in a Stick Fit version.

    stick fit pads


    Uses double sided adhesive stick fit pads to permanently hold the Extenda Fenda on - even in the most demanding of conditions. The double sided stick fit pads are the latest offering by European adhesive giants, TESA, aimed at trim assembly on automotive production lines around the globe.

    The Stick Fit Extenda Fenda is supplied complete with a pre-cut sheet of stick fit pads along with a model specific photo of the correct layout for the pads for your bike. Also supplied are comprehensive instructions, an alcohol wipe sachet to guarantee a clean bonding surface and temporary clips to ensure a strong bond in the two extreme corners during the overnight curing process.